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Why does it matter for SEO?

As SEOs, our worst nightmare is discovering that a high-value, high-traffic page is returning a 400- or 500-level error. Users hitting an error page don’t wait around for it to be fixed — at best, they try to find what they’re looking for elsewhere on your site. At worst, they head to your competitor.

Explaining the importance of this to your devs should be fairly straightforward — these are errors that make pages entirely inaccessible to site visitors. The web devs on your team have put long hours into creating and maintaining your site; they don’t want that hard work to be for nothing.

Getting the dev perspective

Critical issues on important pages should be avoided at all costs. Part of prevention lies in understanding both why something went wrong in the first place and how you can support your devs in the future. After uncovering what happened, work with them to make a plan to keep you informed of any big site changes that might occur and offer them support. Is there a list of high-value pages you can provide? Can you help with prioritization? Ask your devs the best way you can help and cultivate a positive working relationship even when urgent errors arise.

Merits of SEO

Good site traffic
Good website listing spotlight
Improved Load times
A great User experience
Improved Crawling and indexing


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