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IT consulting services - ScienceSoft

Information technology (IT) consulting services allow companies to implement IT strategies and solutions to achieve business-IT alignment, and drive max value from the current IT initiatives.


Years-long experience

  • 14 years in software development.
  • 14 years in help desk and application support.
  • 12 years in IT infrastructure management.
  • 5 years in cloud consulting and migration.

25 IT talents

BAs, PMs, solution architects, software developers covering a variety of technology stacks, DevOps engineersQA professionals, and other roles.

20+ IT domains

Platform-based and custom software developmentweb developmentdata analyticscybersecurity, and more.

30 industries

Information technology expertise in healthcaremanufacturingretailtelecomsprofessional services, and more.


Your business goals shape the project scope – we may focus our entire attention on the advisory stage if you need to work through IT challenges and lay down the strategy for positive IT transformation. Also, we provide a full-service package of assistance for IT projects – we plan, design, implement and continuously support technology-powered solutions.

Full-service package of assistance for your IT project


IT advisory

To formulate a strategy or design a solution bringing your IT resources into agreement with business needs.

  • Auditing your IT environment: IT applications, network complexity, application integrationsdatabases and data warehouses, development infrastructure.
  • Exploring business processes and uncovering process inefficiencies hampering business performance or new business initiatives.
  • Devising a full-scale IT strategy working either for modernization of your existing IT or introduction of new digital technologies.

IT solution implementation

More than 50% of our software developers are of senior level, thereby securing coding excellence.

  • Analyzing your business needs.
  • Proposing an IT solution and delivering a well-structured clear plan for its implementation: project timeline, budget, required IT resources defined.
  • Installing, configuring and customizing all the software components constituting the solution.
  • Integrating software components in a compound IT environment.

IT modernization

To optimize costly maintenance of obsolete technologies and improve their impact on your business efficiency.

  • Investigating the code and infrastructure of long-running applications.
  • Planning improvements: software re-architecting, re-coding, platform migration, containerization.
  • Implementing the changes.

Infrastructure management

To maintain scalable and secure IT infrastructure and let you save on in-house IT workforce.

  • Providing functional and technical application support.
  • Monitoring, upgrading and supporting enterprise systems: data centers, directory services, intranet and collaboration solutions, CRM systems, e-mail and VoIP systems, etc.
  • Monitoring the performance and security of corporate e-solutions.
  • Administering cloud infrastructures and continuous cloud optimization.
  • Maintaining network security.

Managed IT services

On-demand and proactive handling of all IT-related operations and maintenance activities.

  • Introducing minor and major upgrades to your business applications.
  • IT infrastructure administration.
  • Cloud usage optimization.
  • Maintenance activities: performance, security, capacity, issues, patching, backups.
  • Help desk.
  • Virtual CIO (vCIO) services.

Cloud consulting and migration

To achieve higher performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness for your infrastructure and applications in cloud environment.

  • Assessing your infrastructure, applications and data.
  • Planning application and data warehouse architectures adapted to the cloud.
  • Deciding on an optimal cloud model and migration strategy.
  • Cloud deployment and testing.

Related IT consulting services

Software startup consulting

We take a significant load off planning and launching new software products by:

  • Analyzing the target market.
  • Productizing a software idea.

Cybersecurity consulting

We plan and implement a cybersecurity strategy to proactively identify and protect your IT environment against cyber threats.


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