About us

About us

How easy is it to have a Functional business.

How easy is it to have a functional business at its best today in a world where there is more isolation and failure in every sector? Tech is the answer and we as Newtoxton Technologies are here to just make sure time like this don’t leave you vulnerable at the worst. We have come up with all sorts of ways to make sure businesses still operate as usual with help of tech and we are your back in this field. If it’s meant to be done by Tech, we make sure tech is there to solve just that. 

With more than 15 years’ senior experience defending business on the cyber front. You always going to be ahead of your competition.

Digital Forensics.
Network Defensive.
Business Apps Development.
Threat mitigation.
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Anthony Kasozi

(Executive Director and Founder)

15 Years of Experience


We bring to life Innovations that matter.

If the workers need to virtually be at office, we aid the process and see you through the entire process to the point where your business is just where it need be. So, who are we, we are the B2B tech solution that gives life to companies of all sizes the capability to stand and function at all times with no boundaries and time limits. Use us to get the most of your business in this Technologically advancing world we live in today.

Information Security

Your privacy matters to us and we here to help you achieve in this changing landscape

Software Development

Build utility, management and general purpose software to improve flow of business and data integrity

Value Addition

Get value added onto your business as number are all that matters in a business.


A whole round creative that focuses on innovtions in the tech world that are here to change the general look and feel of tech.

Authentic Consultancy

Get rewarding advise that will re-orient your goals and aims worth rebuilding a old brand upto trend.

Amazing Strategy

Help works familiarise themselves with a smart work environment hence drive sales.

Fun Facts

Random & interesting facts.

There are white hat hackers that hack for good reasons and workplaces such as government buildings to identify loopholes in the existing technology and fix it before black hat hackers discover them

Our Vision Our Mission Philosophy
Restore a world where privacy mattered to all.
Create a footprint in the tech and cyber world. One that will impact the world above with great innovations that matter to the community.
We have a master to all we do and that you the customer, you are our heartbeat. 

Winning Team, Different Backgrounds.

Software Engineer turned Cyber Security expert with a certification in Offensive security.

Anthony Kasozi

Founder & ED
Both Statistician and company director with mathematic and people skills.

Eve Namwanje

Senior Director
I have a great deal of administration and managerial skills with which i have been able to bring employers' to the spotlight with outstanding performance and results.
Yusuf Ali

Yusuf Ali

Managing Partner
Software developer turned digital forensic expert with a great performance and result oriented personality. Focus is his middle name.

Mandy Ronald

Managing Partner
With graphics skills, i have been able to give a better spotlight to the company and helped with public resource in all angles.

Herman Seguya

Brand Manager
With Human resource skills i have a good interpersonal way of life where all I touch gets a merit of value added to it. I lead by example

Bridget Namatovu

Office Asistant
Am a well matched talent in skilling others and an agile developer whose key point is to bring IT Ideas to life through code.

Wicliff Twine

Software Developer
I have a upper hand in getting business sucess all attributed to my skills in Market research and Administrator.

DelPizo Tonyy

Managing Partner